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To whom it may concern:

     Thanks for visiting our website to enquire about relevant information. Please feel free to contact Hitech Company and its branches in your vicinity in case of relevant question to inquire or any advice on our work.

Hitech Electronic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
        Add.: Navigation Science Park, No. 35, South Tuanjie Rd., Xi’an City

Tel.: 029-8230-0320, 029-8230-0360 (telephone exchange), extension number is the last three digits of direct-dial number for the former site; i.e., if the direct-dial number of former site is 8230-0391, the ext. of new address is 391.

Fax: 029-8230-0300

Zip :710075


Hong Kong Branch of Hitech

Add: 1301 China United Plaza, No. 1008, Tai Nan W Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Fax: (00852)29914402

Beijing Branch

Add: Room 801, Unit 3, Building 13 Yuefu Jiangnan, B No. 1 Yongding Rd., Haidian District, Beijing City

Postcode: 100039

Tel.: 010-5897-0632

Fax: 010-5897-0630

Chengdu Office

Add: No. 12-3, Block A, Siwei Plaza, No. 88, Yingmenkou Rd., Jinniu Avenue, Chengdu City


Tel.: (028)66645682



Shanghai Office

Add: 1001, No. 9, Lane 155, Baocheng Rd., Minhang District, Shanghai City

Postcode: 201100

Tel.: 021-54157369



      Wuhan Office

Add: Room 2401, Building 13 Zisongfenglin City, No.22 Minyuan Road., Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei,China

Postcode: 430061

Tel.: 027-87172856