HTLX2920 16-channel High Power Switch Module

HTLX2920 is an LXI-based 16-channel BASE-CALSS high power switch module which is composed of 16 high power SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switches. Each channel is allocated with one relay to realize independent control and use of 16 channels. HTLX2920 can realize the hot switching of such power signals as 300VDC/20A or 80VDC/60A.

The hardware circuit of HTLX2920 is mainly composed of LXI interface, relay and driver modules. The interface module adopts a 32-bit embedded processor as its control unit, and provides the external extended 10M/100M Ethernet ports, the adaptation function of which allows the automatic 10M/100M switching based on different communications interfaces. The relay module adopts the high power electromagnetic relay with excellent performance. The driver module provides the isolation function to ensure the reliability and stability of driving circuits.

HTLX2920 adopts embedded Linux software platform, provides Web and IVI-COM driver operation interface, and supports various ADE (Application Development Environment), such as Visual Studio(VB.NET,C#,C/C++), LabVIEW, and LabWindows/CVI. HTLX2920 adopts 2-U full rack to ensure that it can be used alone or be racked.

HTLX2920 can provide the switching function for high-power power supply channels in all kinds of testing systems, and can be widely used in various testing systems which have requirements of high power switching.





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