Management, Decision-making and Supporting System of Equipment Information Network


System Introduction

Achieving digitization, networking and standardization of management system in accordance with the requirement of modern management science, this system can materialize information and resources sharing through internet to make limited resources fully utilized. In this system, the latest computer technology, network technology and information technology are adopted, the existing management method is reformed, and an effective information feedback network system is built in all aspects of equipment management by carrying out information management in the whole system, full life span and the whole network for equipment, to equip decision-making with real, credible and timely basis, and to realize ultimately scientific and fine equipment decision-making.


System Functions

 To achieve dynamic management of test materials, equipment, vehicles, meteorological equipment, communication equipment, engineering machinery network;

 Dynamically tracking development process of equipment under research through the network;

 Querying information such as equipment management laws and regulations, standards, procedures, etc. through the network;

 Supporting multimedia databases of image, audio, video, etc.;

 Supporting input of various documents;

 Providing decision-making support for equipment distribution, retirement, updating, funding, guarantee, validation, etc..

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