PXI All-purpose Data Acquisition System


System Introduction

This system is mainly used for measuring multi-way strain, thermal couples, RTDS, thermal resistance, voltage (mV, V, 100 V ~ 300 V), current (4 mA ~ 20 mA), tension, pressure and torque. Measurement and control platform is able to do the systematic self-inspection by itself. It also has functions of channel demarcation, module status check, data processing and display, and is able to give data processing curves of the selected channel. After the completion of data acquisition, it can give three-dimensional curved surface data plan of the stress measured or three-dimensional curved surface plan of a temperature field, and is able to launch experiment report. All acquisition and control can be published to the WEB.



System Functions

Self-test; test configuration; data collection; calibration; report generation and publishing; remote control of collection; on-line help.

Multi-channel Data Acquisition and Analysis System

Multi-channel Data Acquisition and Analysis System adopts ATS architecture based on virtual instrument technology to achieve detection of thrust, pressure, impact force, impact acceleration and noise, acoustic signals, etc.; its main functions have the following characteristics and are as shown in the diagram:

    Can use LXI, PXI, VXI, PCI bus structure

    High-precision and high susceptibility

    Enable system timing and synchronous acquisition to achieve measure of the transient process

    With advanced signal analysis and frequency response measure functions

    Sound vibration analysis

    Energy state diagram and modal analysis on spatial orientation

    Small-signal extraction and measure by software measure amplifier


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