Multi-channel Data Streaming and Playback System


System Introduction

Multi-channel data streaming and playback system is a special test system developed with high-performance digitizer and SCSI storage module as the core. Aiming mainly at the situations that real-time analysis couldn’t be conducted for signal in field test or the amount of data is so large that it can not be tested, it uses real-time streaming signal in the field to materialize data playback and analysis in the lab. According to the characteristics of signal under test, the measured parameters mainly are: frequency, amplitude value, frequency spectrum characteristics of the signal, and phase difference of any two-way signals.



System Features

Wide application area, high test precision;

Long streaming time, being able to store large amounts of data;

Can monitor waveform of signal under test in the acquisition process;

Automatic test and generation of test reports;

Waveform data file print;

Convenient expansion and upgrading



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