Acoustic Automatic Test System


System Introduction

Mainly consisting of automatic test systems for acoustic launching/receiving, the Acoustic Automatic Test System performs static acoustic measurement on acoustic devices. The measurement items include: Level of launch sound source, launch directivity, axial sound pressure of launch, frequency response of launch voltage, frequency response of launch current; level of receiving susceptibility, response level of receiving susceptibility and receiving directivity under certain frequency; energy transducer impedance characteristic measurement, etc. The automatic control system of traveling crane uses energy transducer of PLC for system test to position automatically in directions of X, Y, Z and θ, and revolves synchronously with the measurement system during directivity measurement.



System Functions

System initialization and self-checking

System self-calibration

Signal launch and receiving

Control of rotary lift device

Acoustic parameter calculation

Impedance characteristic test

Database management

Automatic generation of test reports and charts

System Composition

Launch system (including automatic control system of traveling crane)

Receiving system

Monitoring oscilloscope

PXI data acquisition and control system

Impedance characteristic test system

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