Real-Time Imaging Detection System by Industrial X


System Introduction

As a high-tech product integrating optical, mechanical and electrical features into one and making full use of digital CCD camera, image intensifier and the latest technology in digital image processing, the Real-time Imaging Detection System by Industrial X-ray has advantages such as clear picture, high resolution, sound real time, powerful processing function, etc. It is widely used in metal material detection, precision electron beam welding, internal assembly state detection of special parts, quality inspection of printed circuit board, pressure vessel detection, weld inspection of oil and natural gas pipelines, welding test of aviation, spacecraft and large ship and other aspects.



System Functions

Common image processing functions: Average noise reduction, contrast enhancement, edge enhancement, pseudo-color transformation, positive and negative film conversion, susceptibility increase, morphological processing, gray-scale test (including point test, line test and regional gray-scale histogram test) and image storage;

Special image processing functions: S gray-scale meter transformation, one-point split transformation, scattering processing, image online detection, simultaneous display of several pictures, online processing and image post processing;

Special image processing algorithms and functions can be designed upon specific detection requirement.

System Features

System susceptibility: 1.6% (stepped hole picture element meter);

The smallest detection defect: 0.07 mm;

Image resolution: 1004 × 1004   Gray-scale resolution: 10-bit, compatible with 8-bit;

Image acquisition: Digital CCD camera, LVDS Camera Link interface;

Belonging to non-destructive test method;

Replacing the film method with WYSIWYG to improve the industrial TV system

Typical Programs

X-ray non-destructive test system for production line of spiral weld-hidden arc welding steel pipes;

X-ray non-destructive test equipment for missile fuse;

X-ray test equipment for automotive semiconductor rectifier;

Ray test system for seawater battery;

X-ray film image processing system;

Inspection system of X-ray weld real-time imaging for 25-ton oil tank

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