CAN-bus Data and Image Processing System


System Introduction

CAN-bus data and image collecting & recording machine mainly acquires multiple-channel image in real time under the control of CAN-bus high-speed data acquisition system.



System Features

Either AC or DC power supply;

Simultaneously hardware/software triggering acquisition of the 4-way RGB signals or CCIR signals for the maximum;

The input RGB signal supports a variety of VGA display modes (up to 1024 x 768 @75 Hz), and video output can be a composite video signal or a S-video signal;

Each video image acquisition frequency is at least 50 Hz, and the compressed video is up to standard D-one (704 X 576), and frame dropping rate of acquisition and record is less than 10-6;

Image acquisition & record is of frame counting function and can accurately record the current image as the XX frame of the XX second;

Video acquisition & record and playback can freely control 1 ~ 4 channel(s) and synchronize comparative analysis on frame advancing and retreat, etc.

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