Fragment Velocity Test System


System Introduction

Fragment Velocity Test System is used for testing average velocity, velocity distribution, shock wave field and dynamic parameters of fragments in pill power static burst experiment. Fragment velocity test system has a total of 32 acquisition channels, which can achieve synchronous and independent acquisitions, and each acquisition channel can achieve sampling rate of 40 MS/s and has 2 Mbyte’s high-speed buffer to equip the system with high performance.

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Fragment Velocity Test System

Test Parameter Setting

Triggering Channel Setting

Acquisition Channel Setting

Zero Point Monitoring (F2)

Waiting for Triggering (F5)

Common Signal Processing

Fly Time Processing

Typical Fragment Processing

System Functions

Fragment Velocity Test System performs high-speed signal acquisition on shrapnel, and then calculates its flight speed according to the flight time at a unit distance. This system also performs statistical measurements to get muzzle velocity, analyzation of velocity spectrum, shrapnel distribution, and generates data reports. At the same time, the system can also use different sensors to measure shock wave field, dynamic parameters, etc.

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